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The St. Petersburg Collegiate High School is the eighth best high school in the state and No. 1 in Pinellas County, according to the Florida Department of Education’s state school rankings.

“I attribute our success to the high expectations we have for our students,” said Starla Metz, Principal. “Our small size allows us to build strong relationships with each student and individualize the curriculum to ensure our students have a solid foundation as they transition to all college classes.”

Metz also attributes much of the success to the support of the high school’s faculty and staff, as well as the support and instruction of college’s science faculty who also teach the students on campus.

Of the 206 students served by SPCHS in 2009-10:

  • 69 juniors were tested on FCAT science
  • 58 sophomores were tested on FCAT reading, writing and math

The 2010-11 rankings were based on FCAT performance and learning gains plus several non-FCAT based components, such as graduation rates, accelerated coursework, participation and performance, and postsecondary readiness.

Of the FCAT components, the collegiate high school scored 659 points; for the non-FCAT high school components, it earned another 792 points, bringing the total to 1,451 of the maximum 1,600 points.

Since 2005-06, SPCHS has earned the highest number of points among Pinellas County public schools, based on FCAT grading formula. To her knowledge, Metz said the collegiate high school has never been ranked by the state.

“I think the reason for that is, normally when they rank high schools, we’re still a little too small,” she said. “There are different rankings out there, but it’s usually not for a small charter school.”

The Tampa Bay Times also has provided coverage of the state education rankings on Jan. 31.

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