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Acoustic guitarist Richard Gilewitz performs at the SIde Door on Aug. 9, 8 p.m.

Richard Gilewitz, Fingerstyle Guitar Wizard

The Palladium’s Side Door Cabaret was singled out as one of the top music venues in Tampa Bay in Creative Loafing: The Music Issue 2014.

Billed as a comprehensive guide to local music venues, the annual guide also highlights a handful of favorite spots including the Palladium’s Side Door Cabaret.

Likened to a New Your jazz club, the “Side Door is small, dark and intimate, with cabaret tables, a 185-person capacity, and no seats too far from the stage,” wrote David Warner.

While the Palladium’s main stage has been closed for much of the summer for expansion and upgrades, the Side Door reopens Aug. 1 with a new air conditioning system and a great summer lineup each weekend through August including:

  • The great ‘60s band Coo Coo Ca Choo
  • Bluesman Selwyn Birchwood
  • Acoustic guitar wizard Richard Gilewitz

Other recent honors

The St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce recently nominated both SPC and the Palladium as “Good ‘Burgers,” for their positive community contributions in education and arts and culture.

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The future is now on St. Petersburg College’s Seminole Campus.

The recent opening of the Innovation Lab in the library at the campus drew more than 100 people, including a who’s who of college, community and tech leaders.

Creative learning environments like the lab, often called makerspaces, are growing in popularity. In SPC’s lab, instructors, students and library card holders can use the latest technology tools, including a 3D printer, Cublets KT06 modular robots and the Korg littleBits circuits in seconds kit. With the Monolith 3D printer, made locally by Free Fab 3D, users can create virtually any object through a wide variety of computer programs. In fact, much of the printer itself was created on a 3D printer.

The Cubelets modular robotics kit lets users build surprisingly complex robots out of simple parts that fit together like building blocks. The Korg littleBits kit is a do-it-yourself synthesizer used to compose original electronic music in mere seconds.

The lab also includes an iMac and a desktop running Ubuntu Linux, giving users a taste of different operating systems and the programs they offer, such as Apple’s newly released Swift programming language.

One of the computers in the lab is dedicated to podcasting and audio experiments, and has a professional grade microphone and mixer. All of this was made possible by SPC librarian Chad Mairn’s vision, a $3,500 college innovation grant and help from Seminole Campus Provost Jim Olliver.

Guests at the morning and evening grand opening parties included SPC President Bill Law, Seminole Vice Mayor Thomas Barnhorn, Seminole City Council member Patricia Plantamura, and Lance Eppley and Fri Rider, the designers of the Monolith 3D printer. Mo Eppley of the St. Pete Makers, also attended. St. Pete Makers is a non-profit group seeking to bring a high-tech makerspace to St. Petersburg.

The innovators demonstrated what the lab’s 3D printer was capable of, showing off many complex designs that were created on the Monolith such as a bearing printed as a single piece. Most importantly, members of the community – young and old – filled the lab and spilled out into the hall during the grand opening parties.

One guest, a 12-year-old Android app developer, volunteered to teach a workshop on mobile development. Mairn was quick to accept and noted that the lab will host a wide variety of workshops and guest speakers. Among them will be the creator of a makerspace in Taiwan who will connect with guests via teleconference on the lab’s smart TV and webcam.

The lab will host its first workshop on June 12, 10 a.m. – noon, on how to create a LibraryBox, a palm-sized computer designed to serve files in areas with no Internet access. The workshop is free and open to the public.

The Innovation Lab is currently seeking volunteers to help run the lab. You can apply online or by contacting Chad Mairn at 394-6917.

Check out our Facebook gallery of the Innovation Lab opening. Read coverage of the Innovation Lab in, the Tampa TribuneTMCnet.com and 83degreesmedia.com.

SPC student Chris Demmons, who writes for SPC’s student newspaper, Sandbox News, provided this report. Read his story in Sandbox News.

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Elizabeth Indianos holding her award for Best Screenplay at the 2013 LA Femme International Film Festival.

Elizabeth Indianos holding her award for Best Screenplay at the 2013 LA Femme International Film Festival.

LIBERTAIRE, a screenplay written by St. Petersburg College fine arts professor Elizabeth Indianos, has been selected to be made into a movie.

“I’ve signed with a producer and am just now waiting for things to happen,” said Indianos, who signed with Hollywood producer Leslie LaPage.

LaPage is a producer dedicated to empowering women with quality films directed and produced by professional women. She also has produced, directed and line produced for film, TV, music videos, commercials and theatrical productions.

Indianos met LaPage when she won Best Screenplay at the 2013 La Femme International Film Festival in Los Angeles, an annual women’s film festival LaPage launched in 2005.

It’s a dream come true for Indianos, who consulted on her screenplay with Robert McKee, a Fulbright Scholar whose Story Seminar writing classes are world-renowned. She also worked with editor Annette Kaufman, whom she credits with helping hone every nuance of her written works.

LIBERTAIRE is the story of Joe Pulitzer and Auguste Bartholdi, a French sculptor and a newspaperman who fight discrimination an indifference for a woman no one wanted: Lady Liberty.

Excited about the opportunity to see one of her award-winning screenplays to come to life as a film, Indianos has been working with Hollywood film attorney Keith Burglund to help facilitate the process.

“This has been my first experience doing this, but it has been wonderful because we really see eye-to-eye and had a shared vision about things,” she said about working with Burglund.

Although no production date has yet been announced, LaPage is now working to find the talent, director, and film incentives in different countries to get the process started.

Indianos is eager to see the film’s production process begin. Once everything is in place, she hopes to serve as a consultant during the making of the film.

The movie poster for LIBERTAIRE.

The movie poster for LIBERTAIRE.

LIBERTAIRE was selected as one of the Top 10 movie scripts and won Best Screenplay in the Historical Category for the fourth annual Sundance Table Read My Screenplay contest. Since then, the screenplay won additional awards across the country at the 2013 Williamsburg International Film Festival in Brooklyn, N.Y., and was a finalist at the 2013 Sacramento International Film Festival and the 2013 Beverly Hills Film Festival.

LIBERTAIRE also made it in the top 10 percent of all 7,197 entries for the 2012 Nicholls Fellowship in Screenwriting, which is sponsored by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The screenplay also has been nominated twice for a Culture and Heritage Award by Fresh Voices, a consortium of industry professionals that strives to discover, encourage and promote the most promising voices in storytelling.

In addition to LIBERTAIRE, Indianos also has written Waiting for Guacamole, a play inspired by Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot. It is not a modern retelling of Beckett’s play, rather a comedic drama inspired by and loosely based upon the literary classic. Forty paintings in the form of banners also contribute to the storytelling and the story’s conclusion.

Waiting for Guacamole was recently exhibited in a faculty art show at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art at the SPC Tarpon Springs Campus.

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Taylor Hajash and his girlfriend, Chelsie.

Taylor Hajash and his girlfriend, Chelsie.

Taylor Hajash, a lifelong video game fan, has become a licensed Nintendo game developer partly due to an award he received in a St. Petersburg College competition.

The path to the license began when Taylor, 25, a student in the Digital Media program, bought a tablet for his girlfriend, Chelsie.

“She was always playing these games she’d purchase and would then get annoyed when, after playing for 15 minutes, she’d have to spend a bunch of money to buy coins or extra lives if she wanted to keep playing,” he said. “I thought that was ridiculous. So I started looking into how to make my own games that she could play.”

As his game began to take shape, he applied to be a licensed Nintendo game developer. Several months and several contacts later, he had no response from the corporate gaming giant.

Then, on April 22, he competed in the 2014 SEmmy Awards, an annual competition open to all SPC and high school students. After winning the award for Best Video Game Creation category for his game Super Cuttlefeesh, a puzzle platform game for cell phones and tablets, he sent pictures of the award and screenshots of his game to Nintendo.

Proposed Super Cuttlefeesh cover art by Taylor Hajash.

Proposed Super Cuttlefeesh cover art by Taylor Hajash.

Within eight hours, Taylor received a phone call from Nintendo’s Indie Development Representative. The representative approved him over the phone to become a licensed game designer for the company.

Taylor said winning the award help open the doors with Nintendo.

“I think I wasn’t high on their priority list and that’s why I wasn’t hearing back from them,” he said. “But as soon as they found out I won an award, they jumped on the opportunity to bring me aboard.”

He has been funding the project himself but is working to get funding for further development.

“Between software, computers, hardware, music and stuff like that, I’ve spent about $15,000 of my own money so far,” Taylor said.

“My biggest hurdle is now behind me,” he said. “I’m hoping to have Super Cuttlefeesh out on the Wii U by the end of summer and start development on my second game shortly after.”

The complete list of SEmmy winners:

Best Website Design
Marina Rambo- “Marina Rambo Web and Graphic Design”
Best Video Game Creation
Taylor Hajash- “Super CuttleFeesh”
Best Editing
Ali Shahriari, Christian Costello, Zack Murray-“ Nuthing’ But Crunch-Doritos Commercial”
Best Camera
Fillipe Bergson- “Hunger”
Best Direction
Ali Shahriari, Christian Costello- “Coming Up Short”
Best Digital Graphics
Heather Rambo, “Painting with a Twist” Brochure
Best Digital Imaging
Scott Dunn-“Swiss Watch”
Best Song
Ryan Blank “Same Things”
Best Thematic Composition for Film or Game
Steven Scott Berry (ft. Doug Leto) “Hype”
Best Interactive Music/Sound “Zone” Design
Dylan Mixer “Kaja”
Best Internet Media-High School
Charles Lambert-“Video Game Hobby “- Dixie M. Hollins
Best Video Production-High School
Michael Stover, Karolina Zuchowski, Marta Wilczynsk- “Masked”- Shorecrest Preparatory School
Best Digital Graphic Design-High School
Elaine Page, “The Fuze Campaign”- Dixie M. Hollins
Chelsea Mcmanus, “Wizard of Oz Diptych” – Dixie M. Hollins
Dylan Maczis, “The Mirror”- Dixie M. Hollins

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St. Petersburg College Early Childhood Education students, faculty and local professionals will attend an innovative workshop that trains teachers to use active, arts-based experiences to teach preschoolers about science, technology, engineering and math.

Funded by an SPC Innovation Grant, the workshops will have an immediate impact on the children in one local Head Start Center and continue to impact future teachers as SPC begins to implement the new method into their Early Childhood classes as early as this fall.

“We want to make sure everyone is aware of scholarly research on STEM to meet the unique needs of children in their setting,” said Anne Ryan, SPC professor and coordinator of Early Childhood A.S. degree program. “To me this is the incubator. We want to generate new ideas that get children excited to learn.”

Workshop for Professionals

On March 3-7, a Teaching Artist from the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts will spend the week with about 70 3-4 year olds and their teachers at a Tarpon Springs Head Start Center.

In anticipation of the art that these children will develop, highlights from the Wolf Trap program will be displayed at the Leepa-Rattner Museum during the month of September.

Workshop for SPC students and faculty

Students and faculty in SPC’s Early Childhood Education program can also learn about teaching STEM through the arts at a workshop on Thursday, March 6, 6-9 p.m. in the teaching auditorium at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art. Contact Anne Ryan to reserve your spot as space is limited. If space is available, the program will also be open to local early childhood professionals seeking continuing education credit.

SPC Early Childhood Education Program

SPC’s Early Childhood Education program serves students currently working in the early childhood field or those preparing for a career. The program is designed to give students a smooth transition from certificate to associate degree to bachelors degree.

“Well meet them where they are in their early childhood career and help them reach their next goal,” said Ryan.

Other Upcoming Early Childhood events

Early Care and Education Conference – Preschool Track
Saturday, April 26, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus

SPC Week – Early Childhood Info Sessions
Wednesday, March 5, 4 and 6 p.m.
St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus

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On Oct. 11, students from St. Petersburg College’s MIRA (Music Industry/Recording Arts) program and the Digital Arts program experienced an educational tour of ABC Studios in Tampa.

This was an excellent opportunity for MIRA/Digital Arts students to network with local businesses to further their career goals while witnessing live and pre-produced television content first-hand.

MIRA student Scott Klimczak said, “My tour at ABC studios was very exciting and informational. The ABC staff was very easy to understand and professional. I learned a lot of how a television newscast is produced and managed.”

The students had a behind-the-scenes tour guided by ABC’s John Fulton, who gave them a look at all aspects of the studio, from pre-production and editing to the live broadcast of the 5 p.m. news.

The students were able to see what a career in live television production would be like. Many of them asked insightful questions regarding the equipment and programs that ABC news uses, and a few questions of what it is like to build a career in the industry.

ABC tour

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TBNweekly.com reported on a father and son team who have made a film for Halloween that was featured Sept. 28 at the Halloween Horror Picture Show Film Festival in Tampa.

Glenn Register Jr. attends SPC’s Seminole Campus and studies digital media and video production. Last year, he was nominated for an award at the campus for a short film he produced.

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