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SPC is partnering with WorkNet Pinellas and others in a federal grant that may help Pinellas create jobs.

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St. Petersburg College has agreed to hire 73 new temporary workers in affiliation with WorkNet Pinellas and the Florida Back to Work program

Florida Back to Work is funded with $61 million in federal stimulus funds. Jobs offered under the program in Pinellas County are funded by WorkNet Pinellas, one of 23 such organizations throughout the state. WorkNet Pinellas got $21 million from Florida back to Work.

The subsidy pays for up to 95 percent of the workers’ pay. Employers pay the rest.

WorkNet Pinellas was to make its funding available at the beginning of February, but it didn’t actually happen until mid-March. meanwhile, WorkNet Pinellas has been busy lining up employers that would agree to take part in the program, and agree to put up some matching dollars to pay for the temporary workers.

One of them was St. Petersburg College, which agreed to accept $1.42 million for its part of the jobs program. Nearly 20 Pinellas County employers are participating — together, they are providing almost 1,000 new temporary jobs. Statewide, the stimulus funds are expected to pay for jobs for 25,000 unemployed people.

The jobs are to extend through the end of September, although employers are being encouraged to keep the workers on beyond that deadline.

To qualify, the temporary workers must have household incomes of 200 percent of the federal poverty level or less. Or, they must have a child/dependent under the age of 18 and receive cash assistance from the state Department of Children and Families.

SPC has already begun the process of hiring the temporary workers.

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