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Two St. Petersburg College Study Abroad groups recently were able to experience true European soccer pride.

Italy and Spain played against each other on July 1, the same time as both SPC’s Italy high school and Spain groups were studying abroad. The students in Spain celebrated with flags and team jerseys as their team won the UEFA 2012 title.

Later that week, the Italy high school group made their safe return back home.  Most of their time was spent in Rome with a day trip to Florence.  While abroad, the students took advantage of the available technology. Pictures and status updates were posted on the Study Abroad Facebook page and blog, keeping us back home in the loop.

One of the students in Italy expressed her thoughts on St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. “St. Peter’s is a place to learn who you are. No matter who you are and what you believe, there is nothing that can keep your jaw from falling in the presence of Bernini’s famous bronze and mosaics,” wrote Brae Elliott on the SPC Study Abroad blog. “Such a place brings together people from all over the world.”

Upon their return, the Italy group met as a class one last time to present their final project.

“Student after student emphasized how this learning experience went far beyond what they ever expected and will impact them for the rest of their lives,” said lead instructor Alan Hamacher. “As a teacher I am both proud and awed.” Hamacher led the students in Italy with co-instructor John Hesting and chaperone Kelly Rich.

The Study Abroad Program at SPC is a total immersion educational experience where high school and college students travel overseas to locations such as Ireland and Costa Rica, while receiving college credit. Many students describe their study abroad experience as the most meaningful part of their education, impacting their personal growth and enhancing their global perspective.

While the Italy high school group is back home, the Study Abroad program is still in effect in Spain until July 15. Keep up with the students by read the SPC Study Abroad blog.

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