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Reef cleanup

From left: Mark Jenkins, Jason Newel, Britney Stover, Travis Teuber, Peter Mavronicolas and Monica Lara, Associate Professor of Natural Science. Lara gives instructions on how to check and put together sets of dive gear in preparation of the underwater reef cleanup.

Faculty and students from SPC’s Clearwater Campus helped clean up the Gulf on Saturday, Sept. 24. The event, organized by the campus’ Science Adventurers Club, is the first for the newly formed organization. Twenty students signed up to pick up debris from Clearwater Beach at Rockaway Street.

See Bay News 9’s coverage of the event.

This effort is in conjunction with an underwater cleanup happening off Clearwater Beach. The organizing non-profit group, Reef Monitoring, was started by Heyward Mathews, Instructor of oceanography at the Clearwater Campus. As of Sept. 20, 175 divers signed up to participate.

“All sorts of divers signed up through the cleanup website for Reef Monitoring,” Monica Lara, Associate Professor of Natural Science, said. “It’s open to the general public. We also have a bunch of teams competing; the Sherriff’s Office dive team is going out with their boat, and USF is going out with their boat.”

Trash on the beaches and reefs is not only an eyesore but also an entanglement threat to wildlife such as birds, fish, marine turtles and dolphins.

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