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SPC student releases Epiphany dove in Tarpon Springs

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The St. Petersburg TIMES takes a look at the things St. Petersburg College has been doing to expand its academic offerings and position itself for the future.

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After a nine-year absence, a theater progam is returning to SPC. The 2011-12 curriculum changes were proposed and approved during the November Board of Trustees meeting.

“I think that any college ought to have theater as part of its offerings for students, just like we have other fine arts programs, and graphics arts and music,” said Stan Vittetoe, Provost of the Clearwater Campus, who headed the effort to bring theater back to SPC.

The theater program grew from a club that started the year the college opened. Even former SPJC President Michael Bennett got into the act when he was cast as Erronium in a SPJC production of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,” opposite his wife Beverly, who was cast as Domina. Theater at the college survived the Great Depression and developed into a department in the 1960s, but was cut in 2001.

“We’ve done a lot of research with local high schools, and there’s a shortage of college-level theater offerings in this region. We expect it to be overwhelmed with students,” Vittetoe said.

Every year the Clearwater campus hosts a region-wide program for high school theater students. “So we know there’re a lot of students in high school who want theater,” Vittetoe said.

The approved new courses include:

THE 2000  Introduction to Theatre Arts (3 credits)
THE 2949 Co-Op Work Experience (1-3 credits)
TPA 1230C Introduction to Costume Construction (3 credits)
TPA 2200C StageCraft I (3 credits)
TPA 2204C StageCraft II (3 credits)
TPA 2290 Technical Theatre Production (1-3 credits)
TPA 2600C Introduction to Stage Management (3 credits)
TPA 2949 Co-Op Work Experience (1-3)
TPP 1100 Acting I (3 credits)
TPP 1111 Acting II (3 credits)
TPP 2192 Acting Repertory (1 credit)
TPP 2260 Introduction to Camera Performance (3 credits)
TPP 2300 Introduction to Directing (3 credits)

The program is officially set to start in fall 2011, but the first two sections of Introduction to Theatre Arts will be offered in the spring at the Clearwater and Seminole campuses. Two adjunct instructors have been hired to teach the courses, and a search soon will begin for a full-time instructor to lead the program.

The cast of the 1933 Mirror Lake Campus production of Shakespeare’s “A Comedy of Errors”

“We hope to use the spring intro courses to be a springboard for the program in the fall, along with a theater show to be produced for a possible summertime performance,” said Jonathan Steele, Dean of Humanities/Fine Arts.

The first planned show will be a musical theater performance that will involve the Music Department on the St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus. Music Industry/Recording Arts (MIRA) students in the internship courses also will provide lighting and sound support for the performances.

“There’d be a nice collaboration there because students in the MIRA program very much want to be able to operate the sound and lighting equipment for actual programs, so this gives them some programs that they can work with,” Vittetoe said.

“It’s a real opportunity and I think it can really fit hand-in-hand with the Music Department and MIRA,” said Mark Bunting, SPC Fine Arts Technician at the Clearwater Campus, who will work closely with the new theater faculty. “Collaboration is what the arts are all about, especially theater.”

“It’s unfortunate we haven’t had the theater program all these years, but now it allows us to go at it a completely different way,” Bunting said. “It gives us a fresh perspective.”

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 A new college-wide fax system is being implemented that will allow staff and faculty to receive and send faxes through their e-mail.

The new system has been in use by Financial Aid and Central Records for the last two months.

Besides e-mail, faxes can be sent from Ricoh copiers on campuses.

Existing fax machines will be phased out over the next three to four months. The numbers to the old fax machines will be assigned to a designee in your department. As part of the new system, every budgeted staff and faculty member will be assigned a new fax number.

Over the next two weeks, you should receive an e-mail from the AIS technical helpdesk notifying you of your new number along with detailed “how to” instructions on sending faxes using the new system.

There is no need to order new business cards to reflect your fax number changes. Business cards will be changing college-wide in the next few months and that will be the time to list the new number.

Benefits of the new fax system:

  • Annual savings of more than $20,000 by reducing phone line costs.
  • Saving all incoming and outgoing fax communications, which is a state requirement
  • The college ultimately will be greener by reducing power consumption from fax machines, the ink needed to print faxes, as well as reducing SPC’s overall paper consumption.

 It’s a win for SPC and a win for the environment.

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