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Applications for the St. Petersburg College Foundation’s Innovation Grants Initiative are now available on the Foundation website: www.spcollege.edu/foundation/docs/IG-Application2013-14.pdf.

SPC administrators, faculty, staff and student groups with faculty advisors are encouraged to apply. The application period will close at 5 p.m. on Friday, November 1.

Innovation Grants provide financial resources to implement programs that broaden the scope of the curriculum, deepen the college experience and improve student success. Grant awards of up to $3,500 are made possible by the SPC Foundation and the generosity of its donors. Please visit the Foundation website for more information.

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SPC Foundation Innovation Grant luncheon at the Hilton Carillon on Tuesday, Sept. 10.

SPC Foundation Innovation Grant luncheon at the Hilton Carillon on Tuesday, Sept. 10.

The leaders of 16 projects that found innovative ways to promote success for students were honored Tuesday for their efforts.

The projects, all winners of 2012-13 Innovation Grants from the St. Petersburg College Foundation, were spread throughout various disciplines and impacted students and faculty in ways to promote achievement.

“You should feel very proud,” President Bill Law told the honorees. “This is world-class learning. It’s what we want for our community. It’s what we want for our college. It’s what we want for our kids.”

The St. Petersburg College Foundation, with support from the community and the college, awards about $50,000 each year in Innovation Grants of up to $3,500 each. Applications for the 2013-14 grants will be accepted later this semester.

The winners were:

Monica Lara presents "Marine Science: Support Critical Thinking & Student Success."

SPC Foundation Innovation Grant winner Monica Lara presents “Marine Science: Support Critical Thinking & Student Success.”

Jennifer Bawell, Student Cultural Enrichment Program

  • Established a Culture Pass Program to provide passes to local museums and cultural centers that could be “checked out” like other library materials from the West St. Petersburg Community Library at SPC. It is an innovative way to get students to gain first-hand experience with the humanities, arts, culture, history and local resources. The passes included the Dali Museum, Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg Fine Arts Center, the Florida Holocaust Museum and St. Petersburg History Museum.

Sue Blanchard and Bruce Brodney, Peer-to-Peer Support for Pre-Professional Teachers

  • Established a peer mentoring program for new College of Education students, who had expressed a need for assistance with organization and time management skills required at the professional level. The peer mentors were available before and after classes and on the virtual commons every evening from 8 to 10 p.m.

“They spent most of their time helping with organization,” Blanchard said Tuesday. “And perseverance. Sometimes, you just need somebody beside you to keep you going,” she said.

Every student who was mentored under the program during the spring semester has re-enrolled in the College of Education in the fall semester.

SPC Foundation Innovation Grant winners Christine Patel and Susan Blanchard

From left: SPC Foundation Innovation Grant winners Christine Patel and Susan Blanchard.

Meg Delgato, It STEMs from Money: Grant Writing 101 for Students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

  • Provided five one-day seminars for 50 students enrolled at St. Petersburg College. The target audience included students seeking future employment in STEM fields.

Teresa Gaskill, Improving Students’ Understanding of Science through Visual and Quantitative Data Collection

  • Aimed to improve retention and success rates of students in the biology for non-majors laboratory class (BSC 1005L) by showing students how good science can be fun and approachable. The laboratory exercises (more than 10 years old) were redesigned to be more dynamic and hands-on.

Timothy Godcharles, Making the Move: Moving Your Face-to-Face Course Online

  • Established a “summer camp” to help a group of faculty develop an online course. Many experienced face-to-face instructors looking to move their courses online have had difficulty knowing which interactive tools to use and how to use them effectively. The camp brought together instructors from different academic areas.

“They ran into issues students come up against in technology,” Godcharles said Tuesday. “It’s important never to get so far away from the experience.”

President Bill Law visits with SPC Foundation donors Robert and Clotilda Malloy.

From left: President Bill Law visits with SPC Foundation donors Robert and Clotilda Malloy.

Monica Lara, Independent Research in the Marine Sciences to Support Critical Thinking and Student Success

  • Expanded a research lab in marine sciences at the college for lower division and upper division students to do independent scientific research. The students aren’t necessarily science majors but, working independently and collaboratively, they are developing expertise and critical-thinking skills, Lara said. “Our students have super powers they don’t know they have.”

Shannon McQuaig, Filthy Fomites Fostering Infections? A Microbiology Research Project

  • Established an undergraduate research group on the Clearwater Campus. This group previously analyzed dollar bills and credit cards for the presence of bacteria possessing virulence factors, including antibiotic resistance. For this project, the students expanded the research to ATMs, elevator buttons, vending machines, shopping carts, door handles and gas pumps.

Marilyn Michael, 2013 Summer Vocal Institute

  • Supported the annual Summer Vocal Institute at St. Petersburg College, an intensive five-week training and performance program highlighted by master classes by outstanding vocal clinicians and resident St. Petersburg College voice faculty.

Nicolle Panuthos, Entrepreneurship @ SPC – Technology and Students on the Go

  • Helped students understand how to use iPad technology in their entrepreneurial efforts. Students who want to launch or expand a business need to be prepared to embrace the real-world challenges and opportunities that exist in the marketplace. The project helped determine how to incorporate mobile technology.

Christine Patel, An Interdisciplinary Approach to Health Care Education

    • Created an interdisciplinary team at the Health Education Center to look at how, in a health care environment, health care professionals from different disciplines can work as a team.

“I truly believe this is how we need to educate our health care workforce,” Patel said Tuesday.

The project included running simulations that brought together students from the dental hygiene, Emergency Medical Services and nursing programs in a clinical setting.

The project also included multidisciplinary lunch-and-learn seminars that are continuing.

Kathy Siegler and Ray Menard, A Pilot Study to Develop a Biotechnology Workforce Laboratory Course

  • Established a course to give students graduating from SPC with A.S. degrees in Biology and Chemistry the appropriate laboratory experience to obtain positions in the biotechnology workforce.

Matthew Stewart and Bridgette Willis, Safe Zone: Creating an Inclusive Campus Environment

  • Established a collegewide Safe Zone training program. The Safe Zone program is a nationally based training program that includes increased visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) students; support and awareness and support of LGBT students; and the identification of supportive faculty, staff and students.

Barbara Styers, Reducing Student Stress = Increased Retention

  • Allowed participation in the Resilient Educator workshop, which approaches student retention through classroom instruction and computer-based stress-reduction techniques.

Sasha Tuck, Pat Hernley, Alejandro Arenas, Austin Vickory, Marie Sorenson, MIRA (Music Industry/Recording Arts) Recruitment Program

  • Supported outreach to Pinellas County schools to promote the Music Industry/Recording Arts program. The project included presentations for school assemblies, a live audio engineering demonstration and live performances by MIRA ensembles. MIRA also is working with the Pinellas County School Board to send student engineers to train faculty and students in music technology and support their live sound needs.

Li-Lee Tunceren, Writing Matters @ SPC

  • Established a core group of faculty and instructional assistants to work together to investigate and leverage best practices in teaching a broad array of college writing skills. Whether pursuing certificates or licenses, A.S., A.A. or baccalaureate degrees, students are asked to demonstrate mastery of content, critical thinking and communication skills through their writing performance.

Annelies Williamson, Veterans Academic Adjunct Advising and Veterans Academic Tutoring

  • Developed peer advising for veterans returning to college and civilian life. Military veterans returning to civilian life often have concerns and fears about attending college. They have historically responded better to those who understand what they’ve endured on the front lines – other veterans.

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Patricia Price Sattler met her husband, Manny, as part of her work with paraplegic veterans during World War II.

For the next 25 years, a new scholarship in honor of a former World War II Army nurse will help a single parent who is a student at St. Petersburg College pursue the dream of a nursing degree.

The Pat Sattler RN Nursing Scholarship, established at the St. Petersburg College Foundation, honors Patricia Price Sattler, who died in 2011 at the age of 88. In 1942, she joined the Army Nurses Corp. She was assigned to Cushing Army Hospital, a major center for the rehabilitation of injured GIs.

She became an evening charge nurse in the paraplegic unit, where she met and fell in love with her husband, Manny, who had suffered a spinal cord injury when his tank was blown up in Germany.

After the war, her husband became one of the founders of the Wheelchair Basketball League, which traveled the country performing in exhibitions.

She was proud of the Army nursing service. When they moved to Florida, she continued her nursing career at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, where she remained for 25 years until she retired at the age of 70. She retained a love for the “old school” nursing caps, starched white uniforms and polished white shoes. Her nursing students considered her formidable, even though she stood just 5 feet tall.

The scholarship honors her proud service in the Army and civilian life.

Applications for scholarships offered by the St. Petersburg College Foundation are being accepted through Sept. 27. For information on this and other foundation scholarships, contact the foundation.

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Glenveagh National Park, photographed during SPC’s Ireland 2013 Study Abroad trip

“How do I pay for this?” is the most common question heard in the Center for International Programs at St. Petersburg College, followed immediately by, “Is there a scholarship?” Students asked and, with help, the college delivered!

After getting the word out with email broadcasts, scholarship-specific info sessions and links to the scholarship applications on the study abroad website, more than 100 students have applied for the Study Abroad Foundation, Baccalaureate and Honors awards available.

The 2012-2013 year has been a wonderful example of teamwork and generosity at SPC. The Center for International Programs has worked closely with the Honors College, the Baccalaureate Program and with the SPC Foundation to make the college’s faculty-led study abroad programs more financially accessible to our students. These partnerships gave eligible study abroad applicants access to a staggering total of nearly $30,000 in scholarship funding.

  • The SPC Foundation offered four $925 Helen Leslie Scholarship awards and five $800 Study Abroad Scholarship Fund awards to the following students: Kiersten Hurst, Cheri Kuenn, Constantine Dhonau, Jacy Bussey, Sarah Merrill, Yvette Collins, Katherine Keegan, Christina Picarelli and Ashley Backert.
  • The Baccalaureate Program granted six $2,500 awards to Peter Thomas, Vera Burianek, Amber Murray, Joseph Camera, Maria Elebengono and Sarah Trinh.
  • The Honors College awarded five $1,000 scholarships to Constantine Dhonau, Cheri Kuenn, Christina Picarelli, Jacy Bussey and Amber Murray.

Giant’s Causeway, photographed during SPC’s Ireland 2013 Study Abroad trip

We are sincerely grateful for the hard work Theresa Afify of the Foundation Office, Djuan Fox of the Baccalaureate Program and Nadia Yevstigneyeva of the Honors College have put into the development of these scholarships and into processing the many applications they received.

Keep an eye on the SPC Study Abroad blog this summer to see the incredible experiences these scholarships have made possible!

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Scholarship recipients had an opportunity to meet and thank their donors at the St. Petersburg College Foundation’s 14th Annual Scholarship Appreciation Luncheon held on Wednesday, March 20, at the Hilton Carillon.

The event, sponsored by RBC Dain Rauscher, celebrated the awarding of more than $1 million in scholarships this year.

SPC students Joy Gann, Craig Corlis and Pamela Calloway spoke on behalf of their fellow scholarship recipients and expressed gratitude for their donors’ support. Each student told their personal story of the challenges and triumphs they have encountered along their educational journey. Scholarship recipients Rachel Rodriguez, Erica Scaglione and Chris Woodard from the SPC Music Department entertained the audience with outstanding vocal performances.

President Bill Law also provided an update on the college’s top five priorities and expressed his deep appreciation for the financial support from the Foundation donors.

See more photos from the event on the college’s Facebook page.

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The application for the Foundation’s s Innovation Grants Initiative will be available starting Monday, Oct. 1  on the Foundation website:  http://www.spcollege.edu/foundation/IGApplication.pdf.  St. Petersburg College administrators, faculty, staff and student groups with faculty advisors are encouraged to apply.  The application period will close at 5 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 2.

Innovation Grants provide financial resources to implement programs that broaden the scope of the curriculum, deepen the college experience and improve student success. Grants range from $500 to $3,500 and are made possible by the SPC Foundation and the generosity of its donors. Please visit the Foundation website for more information.

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Adrian Ortega

After returning from a recent performance at Carnegie Hall, one of the world’s most prestigious concert venues, SPC Madrigalian Adrian Ortega was elated. The honors college student, who studies music in the college’s Classical Music program, is so elated he describes the experience as transcended. It’s an experience most only dream about.

An avid music lover, the freshman  knows he was born to work in music and is certain of his life aspirations. But that was not always the case for the Charlotte Anthony Music Scholarship recipient. Just a year ago, he had no clue what college he wanted to attend, even with a high GPA. This year, however, he said he made the best choice of his life in his decision to attend SPC.

“It’s put my dreams in focus,” Ortega, 19, said. “It’s made me realize I was born to do music. The lines are a lot clearer now. I know where in music I want to be and where I potentially want to go.”

For Ortega, things continue to get clearer and each accomplishment brings confirmation. On Friday, March 23, Ortega shared his aspirations with fellow scholarship recipients and donors during the Foundation’s 13th Annual Scholarship Appreciation Luncheon. With his speech aptly titled, “Spreading the Gift of Music,” Ortega took the opportunity to thank donors who support the arts and higher education. Their generous contributions lighten the financial load and help many students reach the finish line to graduation.

“The scholarship money takes the edge off of having so many finances and having to deal with my classes in general … so this helps, it gives me a little more money to help me stay in college,” Ortega said.

The $500 gift will provide a huge relief in paying for gas.

“I live in Palm Harbor so the trek to St. Pete takes a toll on the gas money, so that is the main thing it helps,” he said. “Considering I have so many concerts, I have to drive.”

Soon to be the first in his family to earn a degree, Ortega will receive his Associate of Arts  in spring 2013, after which he intends to transfer to the FSU College of Music and dual major in Music Theory and Performance. He is meeting and exceeding this family’s expectation.

“Both my parents went to college, but never finished,” Ortega said. “I guess this is sort of fulfilling their dreams and making sure I will have a better life than they had. Parents always want their children to be better, so I think they’re expecting that with me, thanks to my education.”

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As Karlana Morgan stood at the podium, her petite frame standing a little more than 5 feet tall, the candid, upbeat 36-year-old seemed comfortable behind the podium at the recent SPC Foundation Scholarship Luncheon.

Considering her path to the podium, nothing should be unnerving. She exuded complete confidence as she told the audience she was whole, mind, body and soul.

For the SPC Foundation scholarship recipient, being whole means returning from severe brokenness and finding the strength to piece it all together. No longer a victim, but instead a victor, she boldly shares her story to help empower others.

Dr. Law and scholarship recipient Karlana Morgan at Foundation luncheon

Born in Alaska, she moved to Texas when she was a freshman in high school, carrying the scars from years of abuse that began at the age of four. Maybe the move would mean a new beginning for the oldest child and protector of two younger siblings. Sadly, Texas would only prove to be a continuation of abuse, but this time there would be a new character contributing.

“It was I guess a year after we moved to Texas that I was raped by my boyfriend,” Morgan said. “That was just devastating because school was my outlet, school was my safe place and then all of a sudden now I have an enemy at school.”

Morgan’s road to wholeness was not easy; she was met with many obstacles, including a suicide attempt to stop the pain of a second rape committed by a stranger. But something in her soul knew differently, she still had much left to do. Dying would have meant killing a voice that would later impact others.

It was time to begin a new life and her education would be a good start. Now a survivor, Morgan is working to attain her Associate of Arts degree and “is on a determined path” that she wants to end with a bachelor’s degree from USF in Mass Communications.

As she stood at the podium, thanking donors for the $1,500 Nadine and Dan Carlisle “New Life” Educational Grant, she marveled at how closely she has come to her vision. Morgan realizes her dreams are within reach.

“I started at SPC last spring and it has just allowed me confidence in myself. It has allowed me to see that I am somebody and that I have an opportunity to make a difference,” Morgan said.

With dreams of becoming a life empowerment teacher, Morgan’s scholarship donors have helped drive her dreams a little bit closer.

“I had my old car for 12 years, it had over 182,000 miles I think, so I knew I had to get a new car and didn’t know how it would happen,” she said. “The money helped with the down payment on a new, reliable car. It helped me with financial stress. It’s made all the difference in the world.”

Seeing the transformation of her life has made Morgan more fervent in her goal to empower other abuse victims.

“I signed a contract that said my soul is strong enough to endure and go through all of this,” she said. “It’s for a reason, and every time I speak out somebody comes up to me and either has not found their voice or can relate to my story in some way and that’s
powerful, it gives me strength to just keep going.”

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John O’Hearn, a longtime supporter of the college, has made a $100,000 contribution to the SPC Foundation in memory of his late wife, Sue (Marlow) O’Hearn, an SPJC grad who once headed the Foundation.

The money will be used to provide tuition help to students in need.

O’Hearn, who retired in 1994 following a 36-year management career at the St. Petersburg Times, said his wife would have been delighted to be able to help students pursue their educations at St. Petersburg College.

“I think she would be ecstatic,” he said. “To be able to help someone who really needs it, I know she would be really excited about that.”

O’Hearn noted that he and his wife were married at a young age, and then had their two children early in their marriage. Sue O’Hearn worked during those years to help her husband finish college once he had completed his military service.

John and Sue O'Hearn

“She told me when I graduated that that was it – that she wasn’t going to work for a paycheck anymore,” O’Hearn said. “She became a wonderful full-time mother for our children, who both graduated from Florida colleges.”

“Some years later, she said, ‘Now it’s my turn to go to school,’” O’Hearn recalled. She enrolled at what was then St. Petersburg Junior College and earned a degree when she was in her 40s.

“I think she got nothing but As,” he said. “She was very proud of her accomplishment, as were our children and I.”

Sue O’Hearn served about three years as chairman of the SPJC Foundation. During that time, she helped raise about $3 million.

O’Hearn’s generous gift to the Foundation would have been in keeping with Sue O’Hearn’s support for education and deep interest in helping others, he said.

“It made sense to me to make this contribution because Sue took a great deal of interest in the junior college at the time,” he said. “Since she had been chairman of the Foundation, and since both of us had attended the college, it seemed a fitting place to make a meaningful contribution.”

Janice Buchanan, the recently retired director of the Foundation, noted that John and Sue O’Hearn were enthusiastic friends of the college over the years, donating money and time to make the institution stronger.

“This bequest is extremely generous, but it is not out of character for John and Sue O’Hearn, who have been great supporters of SPC and the St. Petersburg community for many years,” Buchanan said. “Many students will be able to complete their educations and contribute to our community, just as the O’Hearns have done, for many years to come.”

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