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From left: Rosaria Pipitone, Career Outreach Specialist; Katie Hicks, Administrative Services Specialist; Patrick Hernly, Academic Chair, MIRA; Dave Greenberg, Instructor; and David Manson, Professor. These Music Industry/Recording Arts related faculty and staff celebrate the program's Best Musician Incubator Best of the Bay 2014 award from Creative Loafing.

From left: Rosaria Pipitone, Career Outreach Specialist; Katie Hicks, Administrative Services Specialist; Patrick Hernly, Academic Chair, MIRA; Dave Greenberg, Instructor; and David Manson, Professor. These Music Industry/Recording Arts related faculty and staff celebrate the program’s Best Musician Incubator Best of the Bay 2014 award from Creative Loafing.

SPC’s Music Industry/Recording Arts program and bands that involve its students, alumni and faculty, were recognized in Creative Loafing magazine’s Best of the Bay 2014 edition on Thursday, Sept. 18.

Rashad Harrell, emcee for The Real Clash, accepted the award on behalf of his band mates and fellow SPC alumni.

Rashad Harrell, emcee for The Real Clash, accepted the award on behalf of his band mates and fellow SPC alumni.

MIRA, SPC’s two-year music industry program, was named Best Musician Incubator. The program, which launched in 2008, is dedicated to giving its students real-world training within a collaborative environment. The music industry program has become a popular workforce program at the college with more than 285 students enrolled in Fall 2014.

“We are very happy and appreciative for several reasons that we received this award from Creative Loafing” said Patrick Hernly, academic chair, MIRA. “It shows that MIRA is thriving and relevant in the Tampa Bay arts scene, that we have become a known brand, and, most importantly, that our students and graduates are out in the arts scene and working.”

Unlike many other institutions’ theoretical programs, MIRA promotes active learning in a collaborative environment. Students enrolled in the performance, composition and production tracks work together on a daily basis to learn from one another.

“Credit for this award goes not only to our great faculty for the high quality, hands-on experiential projects that students work on in our program, but to our excellent outreach and career services team for constantly getting our students and graduates out there working in the field,” Hernly said. “Our successful graduates are the best testament to what we’re all about.”

SPC faculty member Mark Feinman accepts the Best of the Bay Readers' Poll award for La Lucha.

SPC faculty member Mark Feinman accepts the Best of the Bay Readers’ Poll award for La Lucha.

In addition to the program’s award, numerous bands and an arts venue that involve MIRA students, alumni and faculty also were recognized, including:

  • The Real Clash, formerly known as The Real Clash of the Titans, was recognized as Best hip-hop ensemble.
  • Wolf-Face, which includes SPC alumnus Dan Byers, was recognized for Best punks.
  • Zulu Wave, which includes SPC alumnus and drummer Danny Piechocki, was recognized for Best live show.
  • Funny Bunny, which includes SPC faculty member and drummer Damon Dougherty, was named Best husband-and-wife combo.
  • The Venture Compound, which includes SPC alumnus Jesse Vance, was recognized for Best good news/bad news for St. Pete’s Warehouse Arts District when the arts venue was given its new nonprofit status.

In the Best of the Bay Readers’ Poll, the following acts also were recognized:

  • La Lucha, which includes SPC faculty members Alejandro Arenas and Mark Feinman, was recognized as Best jazz ensemble.
  • UNRB, which includes SPC alumni Eric Allaire and Nic Giordano, and former student Noel Rochford, received awards for Best local reggae/ska band and Best local ska act.  

MIRA, the bands and The Venture Compound were recognized in a ceremony at the Coliseum in downtown St. Petersburg on Wednesday, Sept. 17.

Read the MIRA program and band highlights featured in the Best of the Bay 2014 edition of Creative Loafing.

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Some of the SPC Advisory Committee participants during the luncheon at the EpiCenter on Wednesday, Sept. 10.

Some of the SPC Advisory Committee participants during the luncheon at the EpiCenter on Wednesday, Sept. 10.

Jon Petrelli, a SPC student in the Music Industry/Recording Arts program, speaks about his internship experiences in Nashville, Tenn.

Jon Petrelli, a SPC student in the Music Industry/Recording Arts program, speaks about his internship experiences in Nashville, Tenn.

MIRA student Jon Petrelli swears his SPC internship got him back on track.

“This internship has offered me a second chance at life,” said Petrelli, 44. “St. Petersburg College has offered me a second chance at life.”

On Wednesday, Sept. 10, Petrelli talked about his experience during a luncheon held for SPC Advisory Committee members. Each year, SPC hosts two days of Advisory Committee meetings to discuss industry needs, goals, and efforts that have been successful.

Petrelli, who is pursuing an Associate in Science in Music Industry/Recording Arts at the St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus, interned at Cupit Music Studios in Nashville, Tenn.

“Trying to get yourself into the door of the music industry – I don’t care how good you are; it’s like trying to pull teeth,” he said.

He said the best advice he received was from one of his MIRA professors who told him to check his ego at the door and not go into the internship with the mentality of a singer or a songwriter but instead to simply listen, learn and grow.

“I don’t know how to thank him for that,” said Petrelli, who heeded the advice and introduced himself as a MIRA student intern from St. Petersburg College in Florida rather than promoting himself or his own CD. About 80 percent of the people he met ended up giving him their business cards.

SPC 's non-clinical internships

SPC ‘s non-clinical internships show a steady increase each year. The goal for the 2014-15 year is to increase to 1,000.

SPC clinical internships

SPC clinical internships listed by year.

“They were inviting me into their world,” Petrelli said. “It’s all about building trust. It’s about building relationships, and that translates across all the fields that you have.”

Petrelli said his efforts have resulted in two job offers and a third offer that’s in progress.

Between Sept. 9 and 10, more than 425 members attended Advisory Committee events, which featured SPC students and alumni whose lives were transformed through internships. In all, 525 community members represent about 350 companies on the college’s 39 Advisory Committees.

Jason Krupp, Director of Workforce Services at SPC, acknowledged the major role committee members play in the college’s efforts to help students become competitive players in today’s workforce.

“You play a critically important role in guiding our programs and curricula to ensure SPC students are gaining the knowledge, skills and workplace experiences needed to be competitive in today’s and tomorrow’s workforce,” Krupp told the gathering.

For the 2014-15 academic year, SPC wants to offer 1,000 non-clinical workplace learning experiences to its students. Last year, SPC students completed a total of 781 non-clinical internships.

President Bill Law noted the college is changing its approach to workforce education, placing more emphasis on industry-recognized certifications. SPC’s goal is for every workforce area to include at least one industry certification within its degree or certificate program.

“Certifications are required to get jobs,” Law said, adding that it is important to know which certification of skills employers are looking for in job applicants. “If those are tied to our credit programs, I’m delighted. If they’re not tied to the credit programs, I’m even more delighted because that’s the space we have not paid any attention to previously.”

He said the support of advisory committee members is fundamental to the success of the college’s internship program.

“We have resources that we can bring to bear to continue to strengthen the work that you expect from students when they leave us,” Law said. “You don’t have to lower your expectations. Indeed, you can continue to raise your expectations in partnership with us.”

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HeliosThe Helios Jazz Orchestra is an ensemble-in-residence at St. Petersburg College. The 18-piece jazz big band is a college course that meets weekly to rehearse under the direction of SPC professor David Manson.

Members of the band include jazz professionals, music educators, SPC alumni and current students at the college. The ensemble has performed at the Clearwater Jazz Holiday, Ybor Jazz Festival, Salvador Dali Museum, Palladium Theater and St. Petersburg Jazz Festival.

“Radiant Forces” is a compilation of video from four live concerts given by the Helios Jazz Orchestra. The project was funded through a 2012 FGO Creativity grant received by David Manson. The first chapter of the DVD is from a concert of spy music from film and T.V. performed at the Ybor Jazz Festival. The second chapter features Helios with singer Lorri Hafer at the event venue NOVA 535. The third chapter featured singer Bryan Hughes at the SPC Music Center. The DVD closes with Helios and singer Whitney James at NOVA 535. “Radiant Forces” is being given to area music educators and potential SPC students.

The Helios Jazz Orchestra looks forward to a summer performance at the Palladium Theater Side Door.

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St. Petersburg College is pleased to announce and congratulate MIRA Student Austin Consigny on winning a TC Electronic bass amp for his creative video submitted in the TC Electronic Bass Amp contest.

The Music Industry/Recording Arts (MIRA) Program is extremely proud of the unique association with learning partner, TC Electronic, which created and provided the prize bass amplifier for the video contest at the college.

Consigny was extremely excited to receive a BG250 Combo Bass Amp. “I am definitely thrilled,” he said. “It’s such a great amp. I loved playing through it, and now I can keep playing through it. I’m already a huge fan of TC Electronic and now I’m an even bigger fan!”

Check out Consigny’s prize-winning video.

TC Electronic is an international leader in consumer and professional sound products and participates in the college’s MIRA Program. With the partnership, students are able to learn on the products they will be using when they graduate and move into their professional music and sound careers.

SPC in collaboration with the Forward Compatible Group, an industry consulting group, has aligned with TC Electronic as a valuable “Learning Partner” to provide a real world unique education program for students with a passion to enter the various segments of the entertainment industry. TC Electronic’s dedication to education is exemplified through this creative contest. While the contest showcases their powerful technology, it also stimulates creative work by the students to participate in such a rewarding event.

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The Music Industry /Recording Arts (MIRA) program launched its Street Team at the Gasparilla Music Festival in Tampa in partnership with 88.5 WMNF Community Radio earlier this month.

The team includes student volunteers and was granted funding through an Innovation Grant from the St. Petersburg College Foundation. The goal is to expose students in the program to relevant events, professionals and networking opportunities with the potential to enhance their chances of employability.

As an extension of the festival’s mission to enhance music education, MIRA students will promote the program in their newly branded gear, network, and have the opportunity to partner with seasoned WMNF volunteers and staff.

The two-day event, March 8 and 9, was anticipated to attract 10,000 people to Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa. MIRA staff and students were sprinkled throughout the event with “I Love Music Education” stickers and MIRA Street Team t-shirts. WMNF is welcoming MIRA students to share a tent and promote the program and hand out branded stickers and sunglasses to those interested.

This was the Street Team’s first event with many more to come!

See photos from the Street Team’s Spring Break efforts on the college’s Facebook page.

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A learning partnership between St. Petersburg College’s Music Industry Recording Arts program and guitar manufacturer Dean Guitars will allow students to learn on the company’s guitars and basses and impact the future of the company’s guitar designs.  dean-page1

The MIRA program has procured new space or “vault” within the college to showcase the proprietary and innovative instruments from the Tampa-based guitar manufacturer. And, as a learning partner, Dean Guitars will provide the program’s students with the opportunity to learn on the same professional guitars and basses being used in the fields they will be moving into.

The partnership also will also provide feedback from tomorrow’s guitarist on what is important to them, impacting the manufacturer’s future designs.

Organizers described the partnership as an exciting two-way street relationship where everyone benefits, especially the students who will be tomorrow’s guitarists and bassists.

“At MIRA, we see a tremendous opportunity to work directly with students in a hands-on way,” said Dean Guitars CEO Elliott Rubinson. “All of us at Dean are anxious to get started and to be a part of helping the guitarists and assists of tomorrow.  Through MIRA, we also get to learn what the next generation of our customers will want.”

Mark Matthews, academic department chair of the MIRA program, said, “Dean is the perfect partner for how we will do this. We are very excited that we share this vision together of how to guide students towards careers, with their guitar knowledge, by using the best guitars and basses available.”

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TC GROUP, the corporate parent of a collective of leading sound & audio technology brands, is using the National Association of Music Merchants show later this month as the stage to announce its unique relationship with the Music Industry Recording Arts program at St. Petersburg College.

The fast growing MIRA program was developed to offer an accredited Associate of Science degree in a well-integrated curriculum of audio sciences and business acumen. The successful program now has between 400 and 500 students per semester, and will be launching a four-year Bachelor of Science degree program in 2015.

The instructors of the MIRA program have already begun introducing TC Group’s proprietary and innovative products into multiple curriculums. As a powerful learning partner, TC Group products provide the program’s students with state-of-the-art products that offer them the opportunity to learn on the same equipment being used in the fields they will be moving into. In addition, the faculty and students of MIRA will be collaborating, in formal settings, to provide feedback on products, applications and performance. It’s an exciting two-way street relationship by which everyone benefits, especially the students who will be tomorrow’s professionals.

The NAMM show will be held Jan. 24 in Anaheim, Calif.

This mutually beneficial relationship between the college program and the group was summed up by Mark Matthews, Academic Department Chair of the MIRA program, and Marc Bertrand, CEO TC Group Americas.

“At MIRA, we approach learning about audio arts and the music industry in a hands-on way, and the TC Group is the ideal partner for how we go about that,” said Matthews. “One of the things that makes our partnership so exciting and it works so well, stems from the fact that individuals from the TC Group and MIRA come together as a result of us all being musicians and passionate ourselves about the entertainment industry. We share a vision of how to educate and guide students towards careers in the many segments of music and sound using the best products and technology available.”

Bertrand said, “Mark Matthews and his staff have pioneered a new and high profile educational Program that prepares students on how to enter into the industry’s workplace and how to sustain within the many segments throughout their careers. We are pleased that the TC Group and MIRA have moved rapidly to create such an innovative relationship. All of us from the TC Group are proud to be a part of helping the audio professionals of the future.  Through MIRA, we get to interface with the next generations of professionals entering into our industry.”

The MIRA program educates students by developing “real world” skills that musicians need to thrive in a diverse and competitive music industry. The program offers a well-rounded, technology-based educational experience to student musicians, composers, producers, DJs, live-sound reinforcement enthusiasts and post-production technologists. The program emphasizes creative processes, technical training, business practices and entrepreneurial skills in a collaborative environment.

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