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Dan Schroeder

Dan Schroeder was nominated as the St. Petersburg College Center of Excellence Teaching and Learning (CETL) Faculty Spotlight due to his efforts at SPC Downtown. He is an example of peer-to-peer mentoring on a collegiate level. Schroeder strives to increase access to difficult curriculum and provides tireless support to his students. He not only raises the bar of expectation for students but helps them reach their potential. His continued open access in the learning commons and hands on approach with his students helps drive his students to success.

Schroeder grew up in Ohio and because of carious career opportunities, has lived and worked in Toronto, Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Atlanta and Chapel Hill.

He earned a B.S. in Business Marketing from Liberty University; a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) from Life Chiropractic College; a M.A. in Bioethics and Medical Humanities from the University of South Florida, College of Medicine; a M.A. in Pastoral Theology from Barry University and a D.Min. from the Graduate Theological Foundation.

Prior to joining SPC, his career experience included more than 20 years in technology and health care.

After making a mid-life/mid-career change in order to complete his undergraduate degree, he came to SPC to complete his pre-chiropractic science requirements.

CETL caught up with Schroeder to learn how he became involved in Natural Science.

CETL: Which courses do you teach at SPC?

Schroeder: Human Anatomy; Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II, Lecture & Labs

CETL: In what modalities to you teach at SPC? (Face-to-face, Blended, or Online?)

Schroeder: Face-to-face

CETL: How did you get started in your field?

Schroeder: I discovered, or rather learned an important life lesson; that serving and helping others offers peace and fulfillment. That fork in the road led me to a career in healthcare as an individual provider, and as a chaplain in hospitals and hospices, and ultimately to return to St. Petersburg College, where the journey began 23 years ago.

CETL: What prepared you for your faculty role?

Schroeder: My journey in business, in healthcare, and in education has been about making a difference, and that journey has uniquely prepared me for what I am doing and where I am doing it; teaching at St. Petersburg College.

CETL: What new developments are happening in your field?

Schroeder: There is a paradigm shift taking place in all of education, certainly in the S.T.E.M. disciplines. Whether it is flipping the classroom, moving the needle, or making thinking visual, educators are integrating the best of pedagogy with technology to meet the students where they are.

CETL: What are your biggest challenges in preparing students for the field of natural science?

Schroeder: Getting students to prepare for coursework in sciences is one of the reasons the Natural Sciences Department, under the leadership of Dean John Chapin, is moving forward with several initiatives.

CETL: What do your students seem to appreciate or enjoy about your class?

Schroeder: The human body is amazing! Students are amazed when they discover something for the first time about how it works. They also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the classroom.

CETL: What teaching strategy do you find effective?

Schroeder: Engage, engage, engage!

CETL: What are you most excited about regarding your faculty role?

Schroeder: Learning from my students and my peers, both continually amaze and impress me.

Of all the things I’ve accomplished, of all the places I’ve been, teaching at St. Petersburg College is the noblest to which I have aspired – helping others prepare to achieve their dreams, helping others prepare for life’s changes. This is where I am supposed to be.

CETL: What can students do to prepare for a career in your field?

Schroeder: Learn how to learn – it’s a lifelong process.

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Earth Day volunteers work to clean up Habitat Park at the Seminole Campus.

Volunteers remove Brazilian pepper trees on the Tarpon Springs campus.

Various SPC campuses recognized Earth Day this month with events ranging from cleanups to a tree planting.

The Tarpon Springs Campus celebrated Earth Day on Saturday, April 20. About 30 students participated. Part of the group picked up trash in a natural Sandhill Crane site on the campus and along U.S. 19.

Another group from Tarpon Springs cut down Brazilian pepper trees on campus. The trees are an invasive, exotic species detrimental to Florida’s ecosystems. The Earth Day celebration was led by Assistant Professor Kelli Stickrath. Pizza lunch was provided by the campus’ Student Government Association.

At the Seminole Campus, a tree planting ceremony was held on Monday, April 22. A group also gathered on April 20 for a Natural Habitat Park cleanup.

Earlier in the month, SPC Downtown held an Earth Day seminar to teach people about recycling. Those who pledged not to waste the Earth’s resources, received a SPC Downtown aluminum bottle.

The Clearwater and St. Petersburg/Gibbs campuses held quad events this week. Clearwater was host to Dr. R.E. Cycler. With initials that stand for “Robotic Environmentalist,” the robot greeted people and crushed and recycled cans. It was the first time the robot, sponsored by the Engineering and Science and Adventure clubs, was on display in the Tampa Bay area.

See more photos on the college’s Facebook page.

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SPC Midtown Student Awards Ceremony

St. Petersburg College’s Downtown and Midtown campuses highlighted student success this month at ceremonies that recognized more than 30 students for their involvement in various clubs and organizations.

Students received plaques and certificates at a ceremony at SPC Downtown on April 9. Two students also were presented with the Yvonne Ulmer Scholarship and received $250 each.

On April 16, college officials recognized three students at SPC Midtown for their involvement in the campus’ Student Government Association. Two students received $250 each and were presented the Dr. Hildegarde Shirley Scholarship.

Photo galleries from ceremonies are on the Downtown and Midtown campuses’ Facebook pages.

The following students received an award:


  • John McBennett, Persistence Award, Student Project 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Lekita Hamilton, Outstanding Leadership Award, Psychology Club 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Meeshalle Jackson, President, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Pablo Gonzalez, Treasurer, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Tait Sorenson, Historian, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Adriano Luna, Vice President, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Alfred Redick, Legislative Liaison, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Petya Getsova, Secretary, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Xing Han, Jurisprudence, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Troy Phillips, President, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Midtown
  • Jesse Williams, Treasurer, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Midtown
  • Andrew Vilchez, MAX Man Award “Service is an Attitude” Outstanding Leadership under Fire 2012-2013, SPC Downtown

SPC Downtown Student Leadership Awards Ceremony


  • Dwayne McCray, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Midtown
  • Julia Haddad, Senator, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Gregory Creft, Senator, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Steven Klapach, Senator, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Randy Hotaling, Senator, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Barry Haugabook, Senator, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Jeni Kennedy, Senator, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Anthony Martinez, Representative, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Kyle Orion Eaton, Senator, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Zachary Nelson, Senator, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Cynthia Hartley, Senator, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Giovanni Donald, Senator, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Meeshalle Jackson, Environmental Consulting Society 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Adriano Luna, Environmental Consulting Society 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Alfred Redick, Environmental Consulting Society 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Tait Sorenson, Environmental Consulting Society 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Randy Hotaling, MAX Club President 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Adriano Luna, MAX Club Treasurer 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Gregory Creft, MAX Club Secretary 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Christopher Wallace, MAX Club Historian 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Andrew Vilchez, Parliamentarian, Student Government Association 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Pablo Gonzalez, Soccer Club President 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Julius Gardner, Psychology Club 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Nelson Mercedes, Psychology Club 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Andrew Suslavich, Psychology Club 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Lekita Hamilton, Psychology Club 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Jasmine Pena, Psychology Club 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Latoya Scott, Psychology Club 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Megan Eli, Psychology Club 2012-2013, SPC Downtown
  • Zach Nelson, Psychology Club 2012-2013, SPC Downtown


  • Bingqing Fang, Yvonne Ulmer Scholarship, Math, SPC Downtown
  • Devin Plant, Yvonne Ulmer Scholarship, Writing, SPC Downtown
  • Dominique Bostic, Dr. Hildegarde Shirley Scholarship, Math, SPC Downtown
  • Laquana Davis, Dr. Hildegarde Shirley Scholarship, Writing, SPC Downtown

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Students from the Downtown and Clearwater campuses met with Tampa Bay area professionals in the first annual Polished Professional Project held in March.

A group of St. Petersburg College students last month took part in the first annual Polished Professional Project, a program designed to offer information that will help them become respected business professionals.

As part of the inaugural event, students visited four Tampa Bay area organizations on March 15. The visits offered them an opportunity for self-development by identifying and polishing skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Students visited:

  • Tech Data Corporation
  • Clerk of Circuit Court
  • C1 Bank
  • City of St. Petersburg

Professionals from various industries shared valuable insights with students about organizational values and norms as well as information about the factors that impact a person’s professional image. The open discussions also delved into the steps needed for building better business relationships across industry lines.

The program offered a great way for students to gain an understanding of the environment surrounding certain fields of expertise, said Pablo Gonzalez, a student at SPC Downtown Center. “I also learned that your reputation at the workplace really makes a difference,” he said.

Kathy Smith, a Paralegal Studies student at the Clearwater Campus, said, “The experience was extremely valuable. Schooling is great for learning facts. However, the test, in reality, is what one applies in real life. Getting employment is the most important test in life. These executives gave us valuable insight that will help earn extra points on the job and in an interview.”

The event was organized by Dr. Rachel Bennett, Paralegal Studies, and Marta Przyborowski, Outreach Specialist for SPC Downtown and Midtown. For more information, please contact Marta Przyborowski at 727-341-7973 or Przyborowski.marta@spcollege.edu.

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Earlier this year, St. Petersburg College students with the Environmental Consulting Society added a rooftop garden at SPC Downtown.

Downtown’s Student Government President Meeshalle Jackson wrote about the project and the group’s goals including expanding the rooftop garden idea to other SPC campuses:

It doesn’t take perfect planters and wood decks to start a garden in a city. Any urban garden or urban farm starts with one plant. The Environmental Consulting Society (ECS) hopes to share what we’ve learned, our successes and mistakes, with others interested in similar rooftop gardening pursuits.

On Feb. 22, we started planting a rooftop garden at SPC Downtown. It was a true success. The key officers launched the first project with ease and are already looking to plant on other SPC campus roofs where space is feasible. We chose to select flowers and vegetation with minimum upkeep but huge benefits. The iceburg lettuce, leaf lettuce pole beans, cherry tomatoes and hot peppers are in demand with our local farmers market.

This is a small garden, but we have big desires to expand and design many green/edible rooftops globally.

ECS’s aim is to produce the next major players in our planet’s environmental sector. Our goal is to serve and work with the community threw promoting awareness of current environmental concerns along with providing a fun, pleasant atmosphere that stands on a sustainable platform. The ultimate goal of the Environmental Consulting Society is to help SPC, its students and community become leaders in the areas of sustainability, environmentalism and social responsibility.

See more photos from the garden on the college’s Facebook page.

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St. Petersburg College’s Downtown Campus hosted a “Downtown Bow Wow” last month that drew more than 100 students and staff and promoted the college’s One Book One College selection.

Following a survey, the college each year picks a book to feature in its common reading program One Book One College. This year’s selection is Garth Stein’s The Art of Racing in the Rain. The program’s goal is to get everyone at SPC reading and discussing the same selection.

The Downtown event, held March 14, played off the book’s plot. The story is told from the perspective of a dog named Enzo, who yearns to be human and learns what it takes to be a compassionate and successful person.

The Downtown Bow Wow featured several guest speakers and presenters from Therapy Dogs International, SPC’s Vet Tech program and the St. Petersburg Police K9 Unit.

The college has been hosting various events as part of One Book One College. Another is an upcoming dog adopt-a-thon. The event is set for Thursday, April 4, from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Tarpon Springs Campus outdoor amphitheater area. Faculty, staff and students will have the opportunity to learn about the benefits of dog ownership.

See more photos from the event on the college’s Facebook page.

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People looking to attend the college can apply during the upcoming SPC Week without paying the $40 application fee.

Starting March 18, SPC will be hosting enrollment events at five of its campus locations. The open house events will be held from 2 to 7 p.m. at St. Petersburg/Gibbs, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, Downtown and Seminole. The $40 application fee will be waived for students who apply at an event.

SPC Week Events:

SPC Week participants should bring these items with them to apply for financial aid and/or get in-state tuition rates.

Want an email reminder for SPC Week?

Participants can tour the campuses, learn about clubs and campus life, plan their class schedule, get advice about what career is right for them and speak with a financial aid expert in addition to applying. Veterans will be able to meet with the college’s Veterans Services staff who can answer questions about their GI benefits.

Each of SPC’s campuses has its own feel, clubs and programs. That’s why each campus will be providing SPC Week participants with a variety of events and activities unique to that location.

• The St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus event will take place to a ’70s theme. Hourly tours will be offered, and attendees will be able to visit of the campus’ Music Industry Recording Arts (MIRA) studio and SPC’s MYRA radio station. Participants can stop by Retro Joe’s on the second floor of the library between noon and 2 p.m. for free coffee, snacks and root beer floats. They also can attend a MIRA performance at the campus’ Student Services building. During the event, there will be drawings for six Barnes & Noble $50 gift cards.

• At the Clearwater Campus, SPC Week participants will be able to explore the college’s various degrees and departments at a Campus Expo in the campus’ new Ethics and Social Sciences building. Sample refreshments will be provided by The Hard Drive Cafe. The campus tour will include stops at the Learning Resource Commons, Crossroads Gallery, the high-tech Collaborative Center for Emerging Technologies and the Writing Studio.

• The Tarpon Springs Campus will host a scavenger hunt tour with a pirate theme during its SPC Week event. Attendees will be greeted with music, popcorn and snacks, then given a map of the campus. The scavenger hunt tour will include stops at the College of Education, Cafe Olympus, the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, the campus’ soccer fields and the Wellness Center. Applicants will be registered to win one of three $50 Barnes & Noble gift cards.

SPC Downtown will be offering a tour of its campus, located in the heart of St. Petersburg. It is housed with the SPC Downtown Arts Cultural Center and within walking distance of all of the area’s numerous restaurants, theaters and other cultural venues. For SPC Week, the campus has reached out to area GED programs to notify potential students about the opportunities available at SPC Downtown. A drawing for a Barnes & Noble gift card also will be held.

• Highlights from the Seminole Campus SPC Week event will include guided tours of the campus’ Learning Commons, specialized classrooms, TV Studio and state-of-the-art Digitorium, plus information about new construction coming in June 2013. The event also will include hourly drawings for gift cards and SPC Theme gifts. Participants will be able to meet with academic chairs and faculty to learn more about the campus’ programs, specifically:

  • Entrepreneurship Program
  • Digital Arts, Media & Interactive Web Design
  • Environmental Science Technology
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Public Policy and Administration

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Guest speaker Lonnie C. King Jr., who was active in the 1960s civil rights movement, met with students at SPC Downtown earlier this month.

The event is one of several being held this month at SPC’s campuses and centers as part of African-American History Month.

King sat down and spoke with SPC students before giving a speech to about 85 people at the American Stage Theater at the Downtown Campus on Wednesday, Feb. 13.

A founding member of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, King and others authored “An Appeal for Human Rights.” Published in various Atlanta area newspapers in the 1960s, it helped launch the Atlanta Student Movement and nonviolent sit-ins and boycotts around the city.

Former president of the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP, King has been honored numerous times for his role in the civil rights movement, according to an article from the University of Georgia. A Morehouse College graduate in 1969, he later earned a masters degree in public administration from the University of Baltimore and has held teaching positions throughout the education system from the elementary to the collegiate level.

See more photos from the event on the college’s Facebook page.

Check for more African-American History Month events on the college’s website.

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SPC wants your opinion on the college’s new station — SPC-TV.

SPC-TV currently is airing on St. Petersburg/Gibbs and Downtown campus TVs. Plans are underway to launch the station’s programming collegewide later this year. In addition to campus TVs, SPC-TV also can be seen on Bright House 620, Knology 19 and Verizon 47 in Pinellas County.

The station is designed to give students access to the college’s daily events calendar, information on SPC programs, financial aid tools and registration information as well as weather, sports and national news. The goal of SPC-TV is to provide up-to-date information to all campuses and help promote student success at SPC. Award-winning SPC productions, instructional programming and classic movies, plus a wide variety of cultural programs, are presented during evening hours and on weekends.

This fall, SPC-TV will air throughout the college’s campuses and centers. Before then, we’re looking for your feedback and encourage you to complete a brief survey. Your participation will help us to get what you want to see on SPC-TV.

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Art exhibit Reflections Past and Present at the American Stage at SPC Downtown celebrates African-American History Month.

August Wilson deeply admired acclaimed African-American artist Romare Bearden and once said:

“From Romare Bearden I learned that the fullness and richness of everyday life can be rendered without compromise or sentimentality.”

Inspired by American Stage’s production of The Piano Lesson, an August Wilson play, the new art exhibit Reflections Past and Present at the American Stage at SPC Downtown celebrates African-American History Month. It is the second annual exhibit to honor African heritage at the theater company from the College Collection, a public art collection under the St. Petersburg College Foundation.

This exhibit celebrates the moments of everyday life with a sense of rich tradition and history that spans generations in African cultures locally and around the world. On display now through March 3, this special selection of 12 paintings, prints and photographs represents a broad spectrum of African-inspired art from the Collection and includes new acquisitions recently donated to the Foundation, as well as works from the Gulf Coast Museum of Art Collection.

The timeless traditions and lifestyles of African-Caribbean cultures in Haiti, Puerto Rico and Cuba mingle with reflections into contemporary African-American life. From Central Avenue to the legend of Robert Johnson “At the Crossroads,” the universal language of art is the common thread that links these African cultures together, providing an intimate look into ancestry, traditions and values in daily life.

Take a virtual tour of this exhibit and the College Collection on campus by visiting the SPC Foundation website Flickr gallery.

For more information on this exhibit and the College Collection, please contact Christine Renc-Carter, Curator of the College Collection at (727) 341-7914 or carter.christine@spcollege.edu.

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